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Air Conditioning Repair Cleveland | Fred's Home Services

Air Conditioning Repair Cleveland

I received an email last night from someone we have never serviced before and I thought it would be instructive to share a few things about Cleveland air conditioning repair.  The new customer's email said that they have a 15 year old, 2.5 ton air conditioning system and that they have put freon in the system every two years for the last 6 or eight years.  That means that at least one other hvac company has continually put freon in a leaking unit all the while knowing that it would continue to leak.  This customer has already spent about $800 throwing money away on "air conditioning repairs" that will not solve the problem.  I explained that the system should not be in need of freon every two years.  They have a leak.  in order to clarify, you might need a touch of freon now and then if you have your air conditioner cleveland serviced every year as some freon will leak out when disconnecting the gauges, but it should be very little.  Anyway, you can try to seal the leak or you need a new unit.  I would not spend another dollar trying to help the air conditioner limp along, because you are simply throwing money away.

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