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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention in Cleveland Ohio
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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention in Cleveland Ohio

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cleveland

Once again, last week, we heard of another story about an entire family being harmed by CO poisoning.  Although I have not seen the report showing the exact cause of the CO poisoning, it is highly likely that it was caused by their furnace or hot water tank spewing CO back into the home.  This is the exact reason we try to get everyone to have their furnace and hot water tank checked every year. 

Most people think that if the furnace or hot water tank are working (running) that everything with that appliance is operating correctly.  However, the flue can be clogged and still the appliance will operate all the while leaking CO back into the home.  Also, the furnace could have internal cracks that allow CO back into the home.

During our yearly maintenance of the furnace and hot water tank, we do a combustion analysis and check the furnace's heat exchanger.  A combustion analysis will tell us whether the furnace or hot water tank is operating correctly and the level of CO in the flue or in the air in the home.  Many people think of a furnace check up as they would an oil change in their car.  That is not how we think of it.  We think of it as a safety check up. Some furnaces operate for years without needing a service or repair, but that does not indicate that there is not a problem that would create CO in your home.  Even if you don't use FHS, please have your furnace checked every year as a safety precaution for you and your family.

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