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Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Cleveland, Ohio
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Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Cleveland, Ohio

Checklist for Annual Furnace Maintenance

Annual Furnace Maintenance Checklist | Cleveland HVAC

Checklist for Annual Furnace Maintenance

To keep your furnace functioning properly, regular maintenance of the unit is required. To ensure that it functions efficiently, there are a couple of things that you can do on your own. However, you should hire the services of a dedicated heating expert when it comes to annual furnace maintenance. After all, they can inspect every little detail and fix whatever potential issues are there before it becomes irreparable.

The winter is an especially busy time for annual furnace maintenance. Furnaces are naturally needed the most during winter days. When scheduling furnace maintenance from an appointed technician, you should also ensure that you’re familiar with the checklist of tasks that the professional heating expert will follow.


Just take a look at some of the most important tasks that all HVAC contractors MUST perform during the course of maintenance:

If necessary, the pilot light should be cleaned and adjusted. Dirt or even general instability of the pilot light can end up causing the furnace to shut down. Gas lines should also be inspected in case there are leaks or manifold pressure issues: they should then be corrected. The ignition system also requires attention: it should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned and of course, the safety control should be working properly.

The HVAC contractor should also inspect the controls and the control box so that all connections and wiring are in the right place. Regarding burners, they should be removed, cleaned and then adjusted properly. If dirt gets inside a burner then the combustion is likely to be poor hence leading to a shorter lifespan for the unit. The contractor should also listen out for any strange sounds which may indicate an issue with the unit.

Another important aspect to include in the checklist is inspecting the heat exchanger, as well as the multiple heating elements the furnace has. Make sure that they are not suffering from deterioration or cracks (most of which occur as time goes by).

Since conserving energy is also important, the fan switch should be cleaned and adjusted. This ensures that it cycles correctly. Attention needs to be paid to the flue pipe as well. There may be leaks especially if there is a sign of corrosion. The section should be inspected to see whether they are properly attached as well. The furnace also has combustion air openings, so these openings must be free at all times. Another thing that your contractor will do is take note of how the furnace performs overall.


Loose Panels – Make Sure They Are Secure!

Pulleys and belts will also need to be examined and adjusted. This is to make sure that airflow is optimal, hence leading to a higher level of efficiency. Replacements may need to be considered if cracks appear in the belts. Bearings and motors must also be lubricated: the last thing you want is friction. The air filter also ought to be replaced. A good contractor will tell you how to do it yourself. Depending on the manufacturer, it may be necessary to replace the filter once a month during winter.

Make sure that the thermostat is inspected and calibrated. Temperature settings must be set to your desired level. Again, the HVAC professional could also provide you with information when it comes to the operation of programmable thermostats. You normally have to request this, but it is much more energy efficient. Vents also need to be checked to make sure everything is in order.


After Your Inspection

After inspection of the furnace is completed, a full report will be given to you. This will detail repairs and other replacements that you’ll need. It could be that some of them appear frivolous especially if you feel short on cash, however, they are important. By keeping your furnace in top shape, you’ll extend its life and save money on repairs in the future. You don’t have to follow the first opinion either, you can always get a second heating expert.

All repairs, replacements, and maintenance should be left up to a certified HVAC contractor. For those with furnaces under warranty, this is especially important. If you’d like more information on the parts you’re able to use then you can also refer to your warranty. You should also check it so that you don’t end up voiding the warranty accidentally.

Of course, it is of the utmost importance that annual furnace maintenance is performed for reasons of safety. Gas can leak and improper connections can end up creating a hazard. Dirty or worn components in a furnace may require more repairs, especially as the unit deteriorates. However, with annual maintenance, the system’s life will be extended considerably. Should you require a furnace repair, make sure to schedule a furnace repair appointment with FHS technicians and we can make sure your unit is ready for the cold temperatures.

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