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Cleveland Air Conditioner Installation | AC Installation Service
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Cleveland Air Conditioner Installation | AC Installation Service

Cleveland Air Conditioner Installation

If you are looking for a Cleveland air conditioner installation, you have found the right company.  We currently have a great financing offer through one of our suppliers for some great units or you are welcome to use our website coupons for a REAL $250 discount during the month of May.  I say REAL because I keep getting air conditioning installation brochures in my mailbox with the offers of "free furnace" with air conditioning installation or better yet (and more ridiculous), $1,500 off your air conditioning installation.  All I want to know is, how can a company give you $1,500 off something that in most cases we only charge $3,200 to do.  That would mean that they are inflating the price to reduce it by $1,500 or you are getting a realy bad piece of equipment.  There is not enough profit to give someone $1,500 off unless they are willing to take a loss to give you an air conditioner.  If you see one of these offers, "Buyer Be Ware".  If you want a a real discount and a reasonable price for a new Cleveland air conditioner installation, please call us.  Thank you.

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