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Cutting Heating Costs | Cleveland, Ohio Heating and Cooling, furnace repair, maintenance
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Cutting Heating Costs | Cleveland, Ohio Heating and Cooling, furnace repair, maintenance

Cutting Your Home’s Heating Costs Is Easier Than You Think

Cutting heating costs

Cleveland, Ohio is known to have very brisk winters, which can end up being very costly in terms of keeping your home warm. To leave you with some money in your wallet this winter, you need to take a few minutes and get your home insulated so that you are keeping as much of the warmth in your home as possible. Here are a few things that can help keep your home warmer this winter.

Keeping the Warm Air in and the Cold Air Out

If your home seems like it is warming the air around your home better than the air inside your home, then you need to go through and check the weatherstripping and insulation around your home. Windows and doors should have a barrier between the inside and out to keep air from passing through the gaps. If your home’s weatherstripping is worn, make sure to replace it to help keep that barrier intact. Make sure you check under your outside doors, too, as that is where a lot of heat can escape without being noticed.

Insulating wall plates can really help keep your heating costs down, too. More often than not, there is little or no insulation behind wall switches and outlets, so if you take a few minutes and put foam insulators behind them, you can save quite a bit of wasted money.

Your Furnace Needs Checking, Too

The unit that is meant to keep your home warm can sometimes be the same unit that is wasting your money if you do not keep up with proper maintenance. Go through your home and look at the ducts and vents. If you notice any gaps, use some metal tape to cover the gaps and keep your ducts able to pass the warm air into your home. You also need to make sure to have your HVAC unit checked for working properly. By getting your HVAC unit checked out, you can be sure your unit is pushing the right amount of warm air into your home, and not wasting energy pushing too hard because of a clog or a buildup of dust.

When it comes time to have your HVAC unit checked out, call in the professionals. They can make sure to check your entire HVAC unit for problems like loose ducts, debris on the burners, dirty vents, and areas that are getting worn out and need replacing in the unit itself. Call FHS Ohio at (216)481-4200 today!

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