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Does Your AC Need Replaced? | Cleveland AC Installation
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Does Your AC Need Replaced? | Cleveland AC Installation

Does Your AC Need to Be Replaced? Would You Even Know If It Did?

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Most people are blissfully unaware that their air conditioning unit exists, except when it happens to malfunction. Then, you have to figure out a way to repair the unit, or go through the hassle of a new air conditioner installation. Have you been in this situation? Instead of waiting for it to breakdown, requiring a lot of money, take a bit of time to do an inspection of your unit so you can tell if anything about how it is operating is suddenly off.

There is far more to maintaining an AC unit than simply changing your filters regularly (although this is incredibly important when it comes to keeping it healthy longer). Listening to your unit can help you be more aware of your system, and allow you to call in help before the repair required is major.

When your AC unit is older, it begins needing more TLC. A little fix here and a little bit bigger fix there is normal, but knowing when to say enough is enough with an older unit is important. There will come a time where replacement is your better option. Here are a few signs that should be giving you red flags that a replacement is in your near future.

  • Each year, you need to do more repairs.  If you are constantly having to repair something or another with your unit, this can be a major sign that failure is in your near future. It may not seem like you are paying much, but when you add up the annual costs, you may save more money by paying for a new unit once, and having many years of consistent operation.
  • Your home does not stay a constant temperature. If you notice that your AC blows ice cold some of the time, but barely cooler than luke warm others, you are probably going to need to replace the system. If an entire room is off from the temperature that the rest of your house is at, you could be facing issues with your ducts, insulation problems in that room, or a malfunction with your AC unit.
  • Your AC unit is simply getting old. Most of the time, people just need to replace an old unit because it is old. It wastes money, it doesn’t cool as effectively as it could, and it is only going to get older. By replacing your AC unit with a new one, you can lower your electric bills if you go with an energy efficient model, you can have improved air quality within your home, and you can spare the environment at the same time!

If you are still a bit unsure if you should continue to repair your older unit or replace it with a new one, consider the time and energy savings a new air conditioner installation would be able to provide. You get the time back that you now lose during repairs, plus you get to keep that money. On top of that, you get the savings from lower electric bills, allowing the unit to pay itself off in a very short amount of time. So why wouldn’t you want to go through and replace your outdated AC unit?

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