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Furnace Check Up | Cleveland Furnace Installation
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Furnace Check Up | Cleveland Furnace Installation

Furnace Check Up

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Since the weather has turned colder, we are doing more furnace repairs and furnace installations.  However, for those of you who turned your furnace on and found it to be working, I would encourage you to still have the furnace checked and tuned up.  Even though the furnace came on and heated your home, it does not mean that the furnace is operating efficiently or even safely.  We find furnaces everyday that are operating in a less than safe manner.  We find furnaces that are emmitting carbon monoxide into homes due to a variety of factors that the homeowner would not be aware of unless the furnace is checked.  We installed a hot water heater the other day and when we reconnected it to the vent piping, and started the tank up, we found that it was not venting properly.  In fact, the chimney turned out to be so full of soot and debrit that we had to have a chimney sweep come and clean the chimney.  If it had not been for the hot water tank failing, the homeowner may never have known that both his furnace and hot water tank were not venting properly.  We also find some furnaces not operating at the correct gas pressures which can cause a furnace to use excessive amounts of gas and thus cost the homeowner significantly higher gas bills than are necessary.  So even if your furnace is working, you should have it checked.

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