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Furnace Repair in Cleveland, Ohio | Fred's Home Services

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When you are deciding on a company to call for a furnace repair in Cleveland Ohio, of course you need to consider the cost.  However, you should be careful about only asking about the "call out fee" or "service charge".  You need to understand if you will be charged the call out fee in addition to any repair.  Most companies in our area charge the cost of the repair PLUS the service fee or call out fee. With FHS, if you decide to make the repair through our company, we remove the "call out fee" and only charge you our flat rate for the repair itself.  Thus we will typically save you the amount of the call out fee.  You should be wary of any company that says they will come to your house for a very small amount, especially when that amount does not cover the cost of gas, time and the potential to service another customer.  If someone is going to charge you less than $50 for coming to your house, what do you think the chances are that they are not going to find something "wrong" with your furnace.  We have had several customers try some of those companies with low call out fees, only to be quoted a hefty repair when they arrived.  I use our call out fee in order to help my technicians recover the cost of their time if it is only a minor issue.  As an example, if we get there and find the batteries are dead in the thermostat, my techs will only charge our $75 service fee.  We do that on any number of small, low cost and not time consuming calls.  Whenever you need a furnace repair in Cleveland Ohio or furnace service in Cleveland Ohio, we encourage you to make sure you understand how our service fee works.  It really is for your benefit and to make sure that we do not lose money on simple calls.

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