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Healthy Home Environment | Cleveland Heating & Cooling

Healthier Home Environment

Clean Home and Air with Fred's Home Services

At Fred's, we are always striving for new and better ways to help homeowners improve the air quality in their homes. We have been using electronic air cleaners and UV light technology for years to help control certain bacteria and mold in homes. We are now offering another option with excellent scientific results. Kansas State University conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of ActivePure (RCI) Technology for the inactivation of Staph, MRSA, E. Coli, Strep, Pseudomonas, Listeria, and black mold. In each area the ActivTek unit significantly reduced these common bacteria and viruses by about 95% in all cases. If you want more information and pricing on this technology, please discuss it with any of our technicians or feel free to call me at the office (216) 481-4200.

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