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Furnace Repair | Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace
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Furnace Repair | Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

How old is your furnace?

On average, a furnace will last about 16-20 years. Still have a pilot light on your furnace? Then it's probably over 25 years old.

Are your bills rising?

The older furnaces get the less efficient the older they become. Bills may be higher and repair expenses will rise.

Is your heat inconsistent?

It may be because your furnace is not running as efficiently as it could be. Don't put up with such varying temperatures inside your home!

Problems with your air?

Is your thought dry? Dust in the air? Drooping houseplants? These could be signs that your furnace is having some trouble maintaining comfortable humidity levels.

Rattling or rocking?

Vibrations, rattling, or rocking are signs that the heat exchanger could be cracked or that the front panel is loose. Call a professional to schedule a checkup.

Low rumbling sounds?

Hear a low rumbling sound? If you have an oil-burning furnace, this could mean that oil is inside the combustion chamber. Fix that soon, the fumes are dangerous.

Scraping sounds

A scraping sound means the ball bearing are almost worn out. Call an expert to come and check it out. Turn off the furnace to avoid more damage.

Light flickering?

A yellow or flickering light could mean there's excess carbon dioxide around gas burning furnaces. If you can't get it back to blue, it's time for maintenance.

What is your AFUE rating?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings let you know how much energy a furnace wastes. You rscore indicates how much heat you are actually using vs how much is lost.

My furnace has issues. Now what?

Now, it is time to repair or replace your furnace. According to the 50% rule, you should simply replace your furnace when repair costs are greater than 50% of the HVAC system's value.

Benefits of a new furnace:

  • Lower Bills
  • Warranty Availability
  • Tax Credit
  • Improved Air Quality

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