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No Charge Service Call | Heating & Air Conditioning Services

No Charge Service Call

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On January 20th, I "blogged" trying to explain our service call and when it applies and when it doesn't.  Apparently, I did a poor job of explaining myself and our company policy regarding the service call or lack thereof. We DO NOT charge a service call when a repair is needed.  We simply quote the repair.  If the customer has the repair completed by us, we only charge for the repair itself, not the service call.  If the customer was trying to use our diagnostic skills to fix the problem themselves, then we charge the service call to pay for the time, technical skills, gas, taxes, etc.  Rest assured that we are not trying to "double dip" on the customer who is being honest and has us do the repair.  I know that sounds a little crazy that we think that could happen, but trust me, I have been on the calls myself when someone asks what is wrong and being an honest, straight forward person, I tell them and then order the part.  When I called back to schedule the repair, I am told that they fixed the problem themselves.  If they could have fixed the problem themselves without the knowledge and time I spent on their problem, they would have done it without calling me.  So we do charge those that have no intention of using our service to fix the problem, so I guess we should call it a diagnostic charge in those instances?

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