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Furnace Size Matters | Cleveland Air Conditioner Service | FHS
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Furnace Size Matters | Cleveland Air Conditioner Service | FHS

Why the Size of Your Furnace Matters

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If you’re shopping for a new furnace for your Cleveland, Ohio home, you may be tempted to think that bigger is better. After all, a bigger furnace means more heat, right? In the case of furnace installation, size matters. At Fred’s Home Services, we understand your need for warmth that won’t drain your energy, resulting in astronomical heating bills. The cold weather has settled in. Having the properly sized heater is essential to keeping your home, and everyone who lives in it, comfortable and warm.

How is a Furnace Sized?

Sizing your furnace doesn’t mean measuring the space in which your furnace will be installed and picking one that fits in that space. What it does mean is that a heat load calculation needs to be done. This calculation depends on several factors and should be done by a furnace installation professional. One major factor that is taken into consideration, naturally, is the size of your home. A second factor is how many appliances you have running in your home that give off heat. These appliances include light fixtures, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, and electronics. Third to consider is the number of people who live in the home. Finally, there is the number of windows in your home to add in, and where they are located. With all of this information gathered, the heat load is calculated, and a proper furnace can be selected.

If Your Furnace is Too Small

If you install a furnace that is too small, it won’t be able to properly heat your house, and will run continuously in an attempt to do so, which means that no one in your home will ever be comfortable, and you will be taking refuge in many layers and a large blanket. It also means that your furnace will wear out much quicker, because it is running constantly, resulting in the need for a replacement much sooner than you originally planned. And, as an insult to injury, your insufficient furnace will bring you sky-high energy bills.

If Your Furnace is Too Large

In some instances, bigger means better. This is not the case, however, with your furnace installation. An oversized furnace generates too much output, causing it to short-cycle. This means that your home will heat up too quickly, causing the thermostat to turn off before the full heating cycle is completed. It then turns back on shortly after shutting off, starting the whole process all over again. Several short-cycles is detrimental to your furnace, and your heating bills. The constant cycling creates uneven heating throughout your home, as the unit is never on long enough to heat all of your rooms. It significantly drains the power of your furnace, cutting its life short and resulting in the need for an earlier replacement. And that huge power drain also means that your bank account won’t be too happy when the heating bill arrives in the mail.

Having a furnace that is the right size for your home is essential not only for the warmth of your home, but also for ensuring the unit’s longevity and for keeping your heating bills down every month. If you’re ready for a new furnace installation in your Cleveland, Ohio home, contact the experts at Fred’s Home Services today!

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